The UK‘s vital network of smaller local abattoirs is an essential part of the infrastructure for the supply of local
meat. But over the past decade a third of the UK’s small, local abattoirs have closed

Campaign For Local Abattoirs


We are fortunate that we still have a a couple of small local slaughterhouse’s within an hours drive us. We often use W.S Clarke and Son just 20 minutes down the road at Sixpenny Handley, although as a traditional village abattoir they have a small capacity and are often fully booked.  Our second option is a larger scale abattoir C & S Meats near Sherborne where we can also get an organic stamp.

The importance of retaining a network of  small local abattoirs is crucial to ensuring the supply of local, traceable meat from farms with high welfare and environmental standards, but numbers continue to decline due to increased regulatory burden.

By purchasing meat from small high welfare producers like Manor Farm Organics, you are contributing to the viability of this valuable local food network.  For more information on why this is so important and what is being done to prevent the further decline of small abattoirs please visit The Campaign for Local Abattoirs website

Butchery and Packaging

Clarke’s offer a fantastic butchery service and for the animals that go to C & S Meats we use Blackmore Vale Butchery, who specialise in butchering privately slaughtered animals and are organically certified.

We tend to have all our meat vacuum packed to ensure retention of quality in the freezer, each cut is clearly labelled with the contents, weight at freezing and date frozen.

Availability and Supply

Supply varies with the season and weather conditions. As we do not rely on grain based feeds or improved grassland to finish our lambs we have to be patient and rely on nature to take its course, please enquire as to what is in the pipeline and due to be available in the coming weeks.



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